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Super fun d


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Super fun d
Multimedia Installation

There are a substantial number of abandoned institutions and industrial sites located in metropolitan areas all along the East Coast. The remains of these structures now occupy "gray space," having been either forgotten or ignored by the general public.

Super fun d is an installation work by artists Sean Hovendick and John Wesley Mannion, working under the collaborative name AREA, that explores a pair of liquid storage tanks on the grounds of an industrial facility, unused since the mid 80's. The facility, located in the center of a populated community, is surrounded by farmland and a major water table. Having once held the high ranking of "most polluted facility in America," the site was recently cleaned and removed from the government sponsored Super Fund list in 2000.

The centerpiece of the site consists of two empty, ground level liquid storage tanks that held unknown substances. On numerous occasions, sounds were created from inside the tanks with objects found on the site.

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