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Man Power BOTS
Yer Out! Reality_Bytes
Love Seat A Life...
Family Matters Data Dead Line
Luminous Synclines Faces of the Fallen




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Interactive animation/Installation

Through the constant bombardment of media images, the public is offered a version of reality that is simply fabricated not to benefit the citizens, but the agendas and egos of the political officials themselves. We cannot escape this manipulated form of governmental marketing.

Just as images surface in the media during times of the leader's "hard sell" of issues, the animations of Reality_Bytes pulsate and breathe - a throbbing reminder of the messages we can't determine as being true or false.
Reality_Bytes reverses the control political leaders have on our society so to temporarily alter the "reality" presented to us; the only power we have to control the one-sided bias of media communication.

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