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Luminous Synclines Faces of the Fallen


Luminous Synclines


Creative team
Lori Brown - Assistant Professor
Douglas Easterly - Assistant Professor
Sean Hovendick - Graduate student
Nicholas Hunt - Undergraduate student
Dale Lunan - Undergraduate student

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Luminous Synclines
Joseph I. Lubin House Project
Art and Architecture collaboration

By offering visual connections between the Joseph I. Lubin House and Syracuse University, this project seeks to reveal the unification of two disparate regions – Manhattan and Central New York. Similar to the work of Christo and Jean Claude, Luminous Synclines will alter the perception of the viewer by transforming not only the façade of the Lubin House, but also the bystander's urban space, through the amalgam of captured video and large screen projections so one's spatial experience and temporal familiarity of place will be completely reversed. Video from both locations will be captured throughout the day and transformed into images to be projected each evening during the 16-day installation of The Gates in Central Park. Through challenging one's preconceived ideas about what should be seen at different times of a twenty-four hour period, Luminous Synclines celebrates both the similarities and differences between separate spaces that are very much connected.

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