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Faces of the Fallen


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To Never Forget: Faces of the Fallen
Painting Exhibition

Syracuse University will host To Never Forget: Faces of the Fallen, an exhibition of more than 1,400 5x7" paintings of the U.S. military casualties in Iraq since March 2003, in remembrance of lives lost during the war. The exhibit will be held inside the Shaffer Art Building.

The initial Faces of the Fallen originated when an art faculty member at California's College of Marin began the project after reading a story in The New York Times on U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. Faculty and students at the college painted, drew and produced more than 1,100 portrait prints of the faces of soldiers killed since the war began.

Stephen Zaima, professor of painting in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University, arranged to bring the exhibit to the east coast. Students, faculty and the community painted an additional 350 portraits of soldiers who have died since the exhibit began at the College of Marin in November 2004.

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