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Six Pack Be A Man / Sugar And Spice
Crossing the Line It's All Inside Out
Man Power BOTS
Yer Out! Reality_Bytes
Love Seat A Life...
Family Matters Data Dead Line
Luminous Synclines Faces of the Fallen




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Procedural video

With our society deeply involved in the technology and information age, the world is being wrapped in endless amounts of wire and conduit similar to a gigantic ball of string. Most of these necessary utilities run beside, above or underneath the roads and sidewalks that also engulf the earth. Within these cables, a unimaginable amount of information is constantly being transmitted from one place to the next: personal information, business transactions, television, internet and communication signals, email, electronic documents, government secrets, wire transfers…

With this vast amount of media traveling at the speed of light, every second of everyday, the question one might want to ponder is, "Do we feed each other information, or does information feed on us?"

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