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BOTS (Battle of the Sexes)
Processed image and sound

She looks at him. He looks at her. They both speak their mind in an attempt to communicate their wants, desires and needs. Try as they might, constructive communication rarely happens between the two forces of nature. Instead the endlessly selfish chatter perpetuates disconnectedness. Within their minds, men and women believe they are able to stay objective and maintain a clear channel of communication. In truth however, nothing is actually said at all. No communication ever takes place - only the dark roar of nothingness echoes between.

Reminiscent of early experience in artificial intelligence, BOTS simulates an electronic link in which two entities interact based on the information expressed. In reality, BOTS work independently by projecting themselves on one another without input from the other. Although each sex seems to be influenced by the other, BOTS only speak of their own desires exposing an extremely grotesque lack of compassion. With one simple word the message is clear - it's all about "ME."

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