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A Life...


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A Life Almost Buried
Interactive Installation

The common saying "don't take things for granted" is most often disregarded as cliche without consideration of the numerous outcomes possible in our lives. The "could have," "would have," "should have" mental conflicts will constantly haunt us but these situations are usually controlled by our choices. Other forces are also evident in the world beyond our control leading to endless questions of "what if."

A Life Almost Buried is an exploration of a soldier's past and present and a realization of the many events and relationships that would have been buried with him had he been killed during his time in the military. His future, the relationship with his wife, his son, even his post-soldier career wouldn't exist if he were returned home in a box. As our country re-examines yet another military occupation, there are many who unfortunately fall victim to the endless and unjustified game of political chess.

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